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    Wednesday, April 27, 2011

    OK, I'm not sure what I've gotten myself into but I've started yet another blog (my Tumblr and my more work-related Wordpress also both exist).

    However, Retro Reporter focuses on my adoration of vintage style and how it affects my work as a multi-media journalist in Camrose AB.

    So now for a vintage-style disclaimer: I am not, as some would say, true vintage. I do not own any day-to-day clothing older than 2004. I have some shoes from the 80s, a purse from the 50s and a nightgown from the 50s. Everything else is modern, so if you don't like that I suggest you steer away now.

    I love modern conveniences, like smartphones, the internet and computers. Without any of it, I wouldn't have found a wonderful community of like minded people (like The Fedora Lounge!) However, I do believe that we've started living in a society that has a mindset that waste is okay and I have a problem with that. So I've decided to start living a bit more frugally, make do and mend (once I learn the mending bit) and to try and steer away from modern, harsh cleaners and instead use the old staples of borax, vinegar and baking soda.

    I love women of the 1940s because they had to adapt to new roles in the workplace, especially labour intensive roles that they weren't used to. But now, we live in a society of comfort and feel the need to wear pajama pants and bunnyhugs unless we're going on for a night on the town. My foremothers of journalism looked professional and were taken seriously, which is my goal as a young reporter. If I dressed like other 20 year olds, I doubt the adults I interact with daily - like politicians, business people and academics - would take me as seriously. I also take myself more seriously with this current look.

    It can be difficult at times. I've gone from shooting accident scenes to interview local bands, all in skirts and kitten heels (The RCMP looked pretty terrified at letting me climb into a ditch to get to the car, but I survived), so I know it can be done. I just get funny looks from people, that's all.

    I hope to blog about my clothes, my job, my attempts at living more vintage (in terms of cleaning, walking and cycling instead of driving) and even the vintage aspects of my city, Camrose.

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    1. Laurie the fedora lounge is what steered me towards blogging about vintage style. I also would not call myself "true vintage" but I think that is just for snobs anyway. I am a working mom I don't have time to pin curl daily. I do weekend vintage and the rest of the time I just am trying to make it from one day to the next. Anyway welcome and i look forward to reading your blogs!!1

    2. Thanks for the welcome and the follow Miss LV! I look forward to it as well. It's so different than my day-to-day writing that hopefully I don't have trouble keeping it up!
      See you around the Lounge!

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