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  1. I'm so bad! Last night I went to bed without setting my hair again, so I had to put it up again this morning. I never learn *sigh*
    I actually don't mind putting my hair up - it's nice to get it out of my face and to have a different look. Instead of victory rolls I basically shoved my hair into a gazillion bobby pins, topped it off with a flower clip, flat-ironed the front fringe and called it a day.

    Flower clip/pin: H&M

    It's not very neat, but my duties for today are: write 3 stories, shoot 2 events (an RBC Cup tailgate party and a choir) and call it a night. First off I'm headed to the Battle River Animal Protection Society to do a story on their monthly adoption days and try my best not to bring home a puppy (I can't, they're not allowed!). I'm driving for that because I'm not too sure where it is, but the other two events are close to home, so if the weather smartens up and it doesn't blow a gale I'm going to finally take the bike out - so I need hair that can be squished into my lovely lavender helmet!

    I decided that I wans going to funk it up for make-up, as opposed to my usual nude shadow/brown eyeliner/black mascara combo and do brown eyeshadow and teal liner to match my shirt. I'm also wearing lip gloss instead of lipstick to go with the whole casual vibe.
    Blouse: Twig (Camrose) | Jeans: Jean Warehouse One |  Socks: H&M

    I'm wearing jeans today because of the aforementioned cycling excursion (I'm chicken and don't want to try it with a skirt yet) and because it was cloudy when I got dressed. Now it's sunny and +7. Oh Alberta!

    Yes, I took photos with my DSLR this time, thus the awkward mirror shots and what not. It took me so many tries to get the back of my hair - the ultimate Hail Mary. Finally I just focused, switched to manual and started shooting. The hardest thing was getting my head in the shot, since I had to look the other way.

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