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  1. Finishing School: Eyes

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    One of my favorite vintage blogs is Lottie Loves, run by Brit-turned-California super-mom Lottie. One regular feature of her blog is Finishing School, where she alphabetically runs through goals and post challenges for her followers to complete. Since I'm late to the game, I am going to start posting backwards from the latest, starting with O and then try to catch up. She posts them one a month so if I'm on the ball I will catch up in no time!

    I'm beginning to realize how block-headed it was of me to do these in reverse order and also how sloooooow I've been in updating. It seems that now that it's summer I'm busy both with work and also friends, family etc (imagine that). I haven't been swimming since my post about it (fail!)and it seems like I'm only blogging a few times of month instead of every day - and I've only just started this blog. But that doesn't mean I'm going to be even more discouraged. I just need to be more organized and have a rule, like I can't go to bed until I blog, or something.

    Anyway, enough whining and more finishing school. This one I find easy-peasy because I've loved make-up forever (well, after my rebelious teenage stage where I hated it because my mom sold it and wanted me to wear it) and still would fancy doing it more often on other people.
    Your Challenge:
    It was hard to set a challenge for this one as I’m aware that the financial restrictions of some may well inhibit them from taking part. With this in mind there are two parts to this challenge and you can take up one of them or both of them.
    Have an eye test. It is surprising what they reveal. If they reveal nothing, brilliant, at least you have checked and shall hopefully add such a check to your two yearly agenda.
    Wear Mascara every day for a week. If you’re really good you could completely make your eyes up every day for a week. If you already do this then great, you’re off the hook this time. If you don’t then let me know how you feel after the week, did wearing make up and catching glimpses of yourself make you feel better? Did it boost your confidence? Did other people notice and comment? Will you be adding your new found make up routine to your daily routine?

    Like I said this one is fairly easy. I had an eye exam last August so I'm on track for that (plus I just got new specs, as you may remember from a few posts back) and I do my full make-up - base, eyeliner, mascara, blush - everyday unless I plan on not leaving the house.  So I guess I'm off the hook!

    I typically do my makeup the same everyday, with a few variations depending on my outfit. After my foundation and blush, I add a lightening eyeshadow under my brows and in the corners of my eye, a nude shad (actually from a tri-colour blush from Mary Kay, but it doesn't know if it's going on my eyes or my cheeks) all over, then a brown from the same blush in the creases. Then I add eye liner, either black liquid eyeliner or brown eyeliner, depending if I feel earthy or pin-up. Following that I do a few swipes of mascara then I'm done! I add lipstick once I get to work, since I drop G off first and he gets embarrassed if I leave lipstick all over his face (for some off reason!)

    The finished product:

    Sometimes I do like to step out of the box. One day I was feeling particularly sixties so I used  lavender powder and purple liquid eyeliner (both MK) instead.

    ALSO: I am going on vacation at the end of next month and would love to have some guest bloggers, if any feel like doing me a favour helping out. I'd especially love any blog posts that deal with journalism and vintage *hint hint*. If you're interested in guest posting, please give me a shout at laurie [at] I'd also like to start doing more make-up for folks (maybe even hair and photos, who knows) so if anyone feels like a willing model and lives near me, please give me a shout!


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    1. Kerry said...

      Hooray! I've been enjoying your challenge posts so was glad to see I would pass this one with flying colours! I do a similar routine to you each day, but am still phasing in the lipstick. I quite like the late 50s - early 60s office look so am doing a lot of soft pinks and the like, with the occasional soft red to spice it up.

      As for guest bloggers, was that a hint Laurie? I'll email you for sure :-)

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