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    Tuesday, January 3, 2012

    Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great weekend full of festivities. I ended 2011 and started 2012 by shopping, visiting friends and family, and getting the flu. Aside from the flu, I had a great weekend.

    I kicked off Friday by buggering off of work early (but I was done all my work, I swear) and then heading down to visit my sponsor, Imagine Vintage. Here are some of the things I picked up (note the self-portraits - I'm working on my resolutions already!)

    I didn't spot these pins until I was at the till, but aren't they just darling?!  I first saw the poodle ($4) and squealed out loud, and then Peggy directed my attention to the Scotty ($10). I just had to snap them up!

    While this 50s brush isn't a direct companion to the 50s mirror I picked up last time,
    it's a pretty close match and looks great with the rest of my collection! ($16)

    More hats! I think this brown turban will be great for lazy days ($16)

    ... while this coral hat ($35) will be fantastic for dressing up
    (come to think of it, it went really well with this outfit)

    Another warm pencil skirt, this time in pumpkin ($20).
    Worn over my Diane wrap dress.

    These are the COMFIEST shoes ever.
    Bright red, never worn loafers in my size? Yes please ($18)

    Black oxford high heels, need I say more? ($20)

    How adorable is this purse? It's a 1960s wicker handbag in great conditions.
    I can't wait for summer to roll around so I can wear it with sundresses and big floppy hats!
    Later that night, G and I went to a farewell party for a friend of his, who is going to school in Hong Kong fir six months (Good luck Dan!). We failed to take any more photos than this one of me, which is a shame because G looked very handsome.

    Diane wrap dress | scarf worn as bandeau
    New Years Eve I did some newspaper work before heading down to Bentley to visit my aunt, my parents and my younger sister to ring in the new year. My almost one-year-old cousin Willow had given everyone the flu around Christmas time, but it had seemed to be gone by the time G and I and my parents got there.

    This is the little flu culprit, reading magazines with my dad. Isn't she adorable!

    Alas, someone was still carrying around very resilient germs because on Jan. 2, G and I both woke up at home sick and my mom was sick on their way back to Saskatchewan. I've certainly have had worse bouts of the flu (I still remember how terribly sick I was last year at Christmas and then woke up NYE with pick eye - belch!) but it's still no fun!

    I thought I was better today but when I got to work I realized I would be more productive if I stayed home a day and got better.The latter part of today was spent drinking ginger ale and working on my resolutions of reading more and following the 30 day cleaning guide. How are your resolutions going?

    XO Laurie

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    1. Miss bee said...

      It's very clear that I must come and visit you for vintage
      Shopping. That skirt is a dream!!

    2. Kerry said...

      Ooh ooh ooh those hats! You seem to have quite a knack for finding lovely hats - I've got four cloches but nothing very interesting as yet.

      And very nice self portraits, it's a bloody difficult task!

      Hope the flu moves on soon, it's an absolute bugger.

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