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  1. My New Year's Resolutions

    Friday, December 30, 2011

    Well, it's that time of year again. Every year I tell myself that resolutions are silly, but I still end up doing them. It's fun to make goals for the year ahead, even if I don't stick to them. Maybe if I'm feeling really ambitious I'll design them nicely and stick them up to motivate me!

    Blogging resolutions

    Take better outfit photos

    I am so lazy when it comes to my outfit photos. I have a tripod (and a remote somewhere, I think) but it just seems like so much effort to do the whole tripod-self-timer thing, but really I think the results will be better.

    My favourite outfit photos, like the one above, are when G has taken them for me. Taking them in the mirror takes away from the over-all look I'm going for. So coming in 2012 I will be taking the extra effort to do better outfit photos and better outfit posts in general!

    More variety in posts

     In 2012 I want to go to more vintage-geared events (especially now that I know of some people who might want to go with) and hope to draw on my journalism to do previews or reviews on events like the Wetaskiwin Air Show or a local music show or feature pieces on vintage/retro geared organizations like Sugar Swing or the Reynolds Museum. I would concentrate on places like Edmonton, Camrose, Wetaskiwin, Red Deer and surrounding area, since those are reasonable places to travel for a blog. Maybe Calgary if it's really good.

    I also want to do more reviews (I have a few ideas lined up) and also some knitting posts, since I have a few projects on the go now.

    Personal resolutions

    Be more social
     Miss Bee and Nicole

    This may sound like a silly resolution, but I mean it! Sometimes I can be very much a homebody and a loner, but I want to get out more, meet new people and create stronger friendships with the friends I already have. One lesson I've learned, both as a person and a journalist, is to step out of your comfort zone. I really wanted to go to the Alex Pangman show,  even though G didn't come with me. I'm glad that I did, because I got to see Nicole, who I hardly ever spend time with now that I live in a different city AND I met Miss Bee, a great blogger friend and partner in crime. I also stepped out of my comfort zone and asked Alex to sign a CD for my giveaway and we ended up having a great chat!

    I'm a very shy person, so it's hard for me to chit-chat with strangers, so it's definitely something to work on this year. There have been a few times when I've been out and about and people have said that they like my style. One cashier at the grocery store mentioned she liked my victory rolls (she actually knew what they were!) and I am kicking myself now for not mentioning my blog. G said he will help me make up Retro Reporter business cards fro the cigarette case he got me, so I think having that little piece of paper will give me a lot more confidence and a bit of a ice breaker.

    Spend more time with my family
    My grandparents, John (Jack) & Margaret (Joyce) Callsen
    and William (Bill) and Marion Marchant

    This is a tough one, simply because I live so far away and it's not always easy to just hop in the car and see my parents and grandparents. But I do have vacation time that I need to take off, and my goal is to go home and visit. I am so so so lucky to have both sets of grandparents still alive and healthy, so I need to take the time to get as much family history down on tape before it's too late!
    I've already have done it once with my maternal grandparents, but I still need to get more info on the Callsen side. My Grandpa Callsen has also done a LOT of work on our family tree and has so much knowledge about not only our family, but our hometown.
    (On a side note - aren't my grandparents stunning! Now you know why I am so good looking ;p)

    Clean ALL the things
    A major goal I have for 2012 is to follow this list to keep your house clean in 20 minutes over 30 days. The only problem is that I had the same goal last year... oops. But really, I don't want to waste my days off doing a massive cleaning of the house when I can spread it out over the week. And 20 minutes is nothing!

    Be healthy and happy

    I always seem like an anomaly because weight loss has never been a goal for me. I feel that I am at a good weight and love the way I look (this is not a dig at anyone who DOES want to lose weight - there is nothing wrong with that. Good on you! I just feel like I don't need to). However, one of my goals is to be more active and eat healthier. I think I actually ate healthier in college because I walked everywhere and rarely went out for food because it was so expensive (that's not to say that I actually ate healthy - I had a lot of tomato soup in J-school).

    I do hope to get to the pool more often (that is ALWAYS one of my goals) but it is a hassle because lane swim is only at certain times that don't always work for me. So my new goal is to swim once a week (once I buy a new suit) AND do bike training once a week AND try to get into yoga. Ambitious but I think I hope I make it happen. For January my goal is to do one of those things once a week. Beginner yoga is Tuesday evenings and the best think about bike training is that the gym is open early and late! I used to swim all the time but since I've fallen out of shape, it's harder to get back into. I chose yoga and bike training to help me regain my breathing exercises and leg strength. I love swimming and I feel so good after - it really is stupid that I don't do it more.

    I also want to use sustainable and active transportation more often. I've joined a noon knitting group at the library (more on that later) and since it's right around the corner from my office, I can walk. Rotaract is at Augustana, just a few blocks from my place, so I also walk. But I want MORE walking. It's so easy and in Camrose, we have so many urban parks and trails that it's pretty as well as smart.

    All of these things make me feel so good during and after. I am literally glowing - so why don't I do it more often? It's because it's easier to sit on the couch and watch documentaries about Kim Jong-il, that's why.

    OK, I think that's all folks, but I may have more to add in the coming months - which is perfect! I should always be making new goals, not just at the beginning of the year, month or week.

    What are your resolutions? I'd love to hear them!

    xo Laurie

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    1. These are all very attainable! Both of us are very similar in what we want, fashionably and socially! If we both put effort into these thoughts, things we want to achieve Will eventually become second hand! Happy New Year! ~V~

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