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  1. What a day!

    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    I just had one of those days today. First of all I'm getting my first cold of the season (achoo!), which had to happened RIGHT before Christmas. Secondly, I had a bout of rude people in my life today.

    I was at the mall to pick up a parcel my mom sent me, and it was really big an awkward. While walking from one of the mall to the other I my phone slipped out of my pocket twice and no one tried to help me grab it, so I tried to pick it up while not letting go of my package.

    Secondly, the mall was crowded and people were standing in the middle of the traffic just jibber-jabbering away. I would like to give a shout-out to the one nice lady who did open the door for me on the way to my car. Getting this giant parcel in my

    car was also a feat, and an old man even laughed at me while I was fighting with it to get into my car! The piece de la resistance is when I was leaving the mall parking lot and someone rear-ended me and then drove off without stopping. Thanks dude! Luckily both my car and I escaped without a scratch, but still.
    [/END RANT]

    OK, I feel better. luckily there was lots of things to distract me from this less-than-lovely day, like G making me a brie-cheddar-Italian sausage omelette when I got home and my fabulous re-shaped and thinned middy!

    The parcel from my mom was filled with our Christmas presents, so now we have piles of presents under our tiny tree!

    The other item in the box was these shoes my Auntie Val bought for me in Maui! They are so cute, I love yellow. With an insole they fit great and I'm sure they will perk me up on many a grey day.

    Things that are also making me happy: I FINALLY finished my Advent calendar last night. I may not believe in Baby Jesus but I LOVE everything Christmas. The poinsettia ornament is my favourite - I keep meaning to make a larger one to glue on a bobby pin for my hair!

    I also get cheered up whenever I look at these fab photos Davin took of me and G last weekend. (All photos (c) Dreaming Outdoors Photography - click to enlarge)

     I like the kissing ones because I'm not making dumb facial expressions. And here is on of my favourites - it's even my tablet background.

    What do you do to cheer yourself up after a less-than-ideal day?

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    1. Moxie Tonic said...

      Coming home to food cooking would absolutely cheer me up - same with a pair of fantastic yellow heels!
      That last photo of you two is so wonderful, what a brilliant idea for a photo!!

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