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  1. Wrap-up: CHRISTMAS!

    Tuesday, December 27, 2011

    I hope you all have a marvelous Christmas, that Santa was good to you and you gorged yourself silly on treats. I had a most excellent holiday despite being away from Saskatchewan for the first time (but we have to share!) and do not want to return to work tomorrow. Le sigh....

    Christmas Eve morning G and I woke up and opened the presents my parents had sent us. We were heading to his mom's house later that day and didn't want to haul extra stuff up with us to open (which was smart, because there was a lot to haul home). I'm not going to show EVERYTHING I got (because there was a lot!) but more of the vintage-type things.

    My mom sent us both a gift bag full of our stocking stuffers, as well as another small present - both books - and our main present, a $100 pre-paid Visa.We were spoiled!

    I got the book Vintage Fashion: Collecting and Wearing Designer Classics by Emma Baxter-Wright. I had actually look through this book before at my friend Nicole's house and was excited when I got my own copy. I'm only skimmed it so far, but it's wonderful - it breaks down styles by decade and goes over the hallmarks of each era, as well as shopping, dating and care tips for vintage.

    (warning: photos of me that follow include no make-up and headscarves.)

    I also got a really soft, cozy cowl from my sister in our not-so-secret Santa draw.

    Here's the rest of my loot: I also got a duster, two hosiery hangers (THE BEST THING EVER!, a vintagey-dress form necklace hanger, a knitted headband (very 20s-esque and will be great for bad hair days), bath bombs, a keychain and a new notebook.

    G got a cocktail book, beer glasses and a martini shaker as his extra gifts (among others). He was excited.

    Then after this I went dressed to cover a fire downtown that destroyed a historical building. This sucked on so many levels, but at least no one was hurt!

    That afternoon we drove to Jan and Gregg's farm to spend the next few days with G's family. Christmas Eve was really relaxing, and G made dinner and then we all waited for Santa. And boy oh boy, did he deliver!

    One of the things I got from Santa was this tray with vintage bathing beauties on it:

    I was also spoiled rotten by G. A few months ago he showed me a listing on Etsy of a 1940s cigarette case with the original monogram LMC, which are my initials. I totally forgot about it until Christmas morning, when low and behold:

    And inside was one of the best gifts a girl can get - back rub and house cleaning coupons:

    After I use up all the coupons we are going to design Retro Reporter business cards for me. I'm not sure if other bloggers have cards, but I have been in many a situation where I've been wishing for one!

    He also had slipped down to Twig, one of my favourite stores, and had remembered a dress I had been eyeing up. How lucky am I?

    On Boxing Day the Christmas money had I been given was burning a hole in my pocket and I couldn't take it any longer, so I hit up some crazy sales with Miss Bee.

    First we hit up Mars and Venus on Whyte Ave in Edmonton. There was a small line up to get in because they only have one sale a year and only allow so many customers on the floor, but I like it that way - it was less crowded. I snagged two Heartbreaker items, the Dolly top (~$30 sale price, ~$60 sale price) and the Jolene dress (~$58 sale price, ~$116 regular price).

    Then we went to Rowena's down the street, which was also having a 50% off sale. I bought another Heartbreaker dress ($40 instead of the regular sale price of $80) and a Rock Steady dress with a real cowgirl vibe ($42 instead of $84 regular price).

    (I'm going to ask my parents nicely to keep an eye out for teal cowboy boots when they go to Nashville - I think they'd go great with this dress!)

    Oy vey, I think that's all for tonight. I have a lot of blog post ideas so hopefully I will get to them soon. Until then I think I will toddle off to bed as I have to work in the morning.

    Did you have a good holiday?

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