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  1. What to Wear: mustard & maroon

    Thursday, December 29, 2011

    I woke up this morning to freezing rain. Lovely. Alberta weather has been so weird this year. Last year it was cold and we had the most snow in a decade. This winter has been mild (I think it got down to -20 once, which is usually the norm here) and there is barely any snow! Not that I'm complaining, I prefer -6 to -36!

    But, like I said, freezing rain is no fun. It makes the roads and sidewalks all slick and wreaks havoc on curled hair. So for once I thought ahead and protected my noggin (and more importantly, my curls).

    During my Boxing Day spree I noticed another maroon hat at Rowena, where I first got this one. Miss Bee tried to convince me to buy it (it was about $10 on sale) but I held back, since I've only worn this maroon one once. So I decided to bust it out today. It also matches my skirt.

    This photo makes me look 8 ft wide. Ugh.

    Before I added the hat, I felt very librarian-ish (which I love!) but once I added the hat I felt more journalistic. Maybe it will give me some motivation at work. It's amazing how one accessory can totally change up an outfit.

    I also love the maroon hat paired with my mustard coat (hindsight says I should have worn my teal scarf instead of red. Harumph!)

    Outfit details: maroon hat - Rowena | sweater and skirt - Imagine Vintage | boots - Spring 

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