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  1. Wrap-up: a weekend away

    Monday, January 9, 2012

    Hello all! I just spent the most relaxing weekend away at the farm in Saskatchewan, doing nothing but visiting with family, reading and knitting (a post updating you on my knitting projects is coming soon!). I feel so great! Here I am, about to embark on the four-hour trip to the homeland. Nothing comfier for driving than loafers and roomy skirt.

    beret: Joe Fresh | blouse: H&M | cami: Ricki's | wool skirt: Imagine Vintage
     loafers: Imagine Vintage | wicker handbag: Imagine Vintage
    I really missed getting to see everyone over Christmas, but it was nice to come home during a random weekend - there was no pressure, no where to go and it was all very quiet! I got to visit with both sets of grandparents too, but I could have been there for much longer than I actually was. I feel that my vintage and historical interests have brought me so close to my grandparents, who were growing up and raising families in the 40s and 50s.

    My grandma Callsen had a few gifts for me. Last winter at this time my paternal grandparents and my parents went to California to settle my grandpa's cousin's estate. Dorothy had a lot of beautiful things, and my grandma is now passing some of those down to me.

    I can't be sure of the date, but this is a silk Christian Dior dressing gown. I wish I had an art deco vanity to sit at every morning to wear this and do my makeup in.

    I meant to do a close up of the label and embroidery. Trust me, it's Dior ;)
    Grandma also passed on this Prada handbag! I know a little bit more about this, thanks to the authenticity certificate inside. Dorothy bought this in January 2002 at Saks Fifth Avenue for $426 (marked down from $610):


    My mom also passed down some brooches to me.

    The heart and the lady with the dog are more modern ones that she bought (I think I will pin the heart on a beret, it is too cute!). The Christmas tree was my great-grandmother's and I remember always seeing it in my mother's jewelry box as a kid, while the cameo brooch was given to my mom from my dad's mom (it has a photo of my dad in it). I am just so in love with them - I'm turning into a real brooch person, fancy that.

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