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  1. How shall I spend my Christmas money?

    Friday, January 11, 2013

    I am facing a strange dilemma, dear readers - what am I going to spend my Christmas money on?
    I got a pre-paid Visa and a Sears gift card for Christmas from my parents and grandparents (thanks guys!).

    I have no idea what I should spend my cards on. There's lots of things I want, but I really want to make sure I use it on something I truly need.

    Here's what I'm narrowing it down to, thanks to Pinterest.

    Sugar Swing dance lessons - $69 for four weeks

    Anyone who knows me/has seen me attempt to walk will know that I am the least coordinated person on the planet. That said, swing dancing is something that has always appealed to me, especially know that I'm a vintage girl. Even better, Ian also wants to learn to dance, so we'd be able to take lessons together!

    1940s repro bra from What Katie Did - ~$50 CDN

    Since learning how to sew, I've manage to put together some bullet bra pads for my longline from Sears to make my girls nice and pointy! But even though I have a longline, I'd love to get a "real" bullet bra from What Katie Did because:
    a) sometimes I like to eat waaaay too much, which makes the long-line uncomfortable
    b) the longline is textured, which can sometimes show up under sweaters
    c) the longline bra sometimes is a little too high for my lower-cut sweaters. (Mind you, these ones may be just as high)

    But if I do get a BB from WKD, I'm not sure if I'd get the 1940s style L6036 CC09 (top), which isn't as pointy as a 50s style bullet bra, or the Harlow (bottom). If only there were a supplier in Canada I could go to try them on first! For more on vintage bras, visit BooBoo Kitty Couture's post on the vintage silhouette and Janey's series called Bullet Bra Revue.

    Wonderform Garter - $37 (Sears)

    Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

    I currently have a girdle gifted from Miss Bee, but it's much too large and long for me, so I mostly use it as a garter. I'd love to get this garter from sears, since I rarely wear stockings (despite what you may think, it's quite uncomfortable to wear a too-big girdle!)

    Books - ~$50

    Source: via Laurie on Pinterest
    Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

    These books have been sitting on my Pinterest shelf for quite sometime now, and all seem like great books for the vintage gal. Have any of you read them? I know the Retro Make-up one is well-known, but what about any others?

    Ridiculously amazing 1940s-style winter gear from Sears - A bajillion dollars
    Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

    Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

    Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

    Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

    Ok, some of this stuff is somewhat affordable, but just look at that cape! I dieeeeee. If only it wasn't $88 (gift cards or not, I'm still a cheapie) and totally not practical in Edmonton, due to it being white and really a fair-weather winter garment.

    Did you get some gift cards or money for Christmas? What are you planning to get with them?

    XO Laurie

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    1. Lil said...

      Hi, I have the make do and mend book, it's a really lovely book, and does fgive a few helpful tips, although some really are not practical in the modern world. I too, like to spend my money on things that I will love, but my list of things I wanted was endless and my money was blown a few day after Christmas Day.
      Love Lil x

    2. Each of those is an option I'd be happy with, too, which makes it all the more difficult to single out an option or two to suggest. Ultimately, pragmatism wins out though, and I think that I'd suggest going with some of the winterwear from Sears. Being Canadian lasses, we can never, ever have too much fashionable cold weather protection at the ready! :) (That said, swing dance lessons would be my second choice)

      ♥ Jessica

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