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  1. #JanuaryCure: Week 2

    Monday, January 14, 2013

    I have a confession: I've majorly fallen off the January Cure bandwagon. I've had a busy week with long work days, a busy weekend and to top it all off, I think I'm coming down with something.

    However, I'm not going to give up. My goal is to get all of the January Cure stuff done, just not necessarily in order.

    Day 4: Get a Fresh Perspective in Just 10 Minutes - NOT DONE
    Let's be honest: the main problem is that I find it hard to sit for 10 minutes without some sort of distraction. That said, I have done this mentally - focusing on rooms that make my skin crawl and focusing on why they give me that reaction, then thinking about what I'd like to change. I just happen to do this while vacuuming, doing the dishes, knitting, etc etc. But in terms of the challenge, I'd consider this not done, I suppose.

    Day 5: Select One Project from Your List to Complete this Month - DONE
    I'm going to focus on my "corner of clutter" in the kitchen. This is where all the recycling goes, but we don't have bins for the cans, so they just pile up in boxes in front of the shelving units, which then become underused. The solution is as easy as buying a round bin for the cans and bottles, but I haven't gotten around to it.

    Other kitchen-related projects include reorganizing the Tupperware cupboard (which I did Sunday night after coming home from a friend's Tupperware party) and cleaning out utensils/dishes we don't really need. (Note that the task is just to select the project, not to do it!)

    Day 6: Choose a Piece of Artwork and Get Going on Framing It - DONE

    Another one I actually did! I had my Jason Blower postcards framed in my old apartment, but when I hung then up in this house my giant klutz of a boyfriend (whom I love very, very much) knocked it off the wall and broke the frame. We'd had the frame for a while, but then I lost the postcards - until I found them again Sunday! I've rehung it in the same spot as the fatal accident, but higher and sturdier, so I don't think it will fall again.

    On a related note, buying cute postcards and framing them are a great way to do cute, kitschy art on the cheap! These cost about $3 each, plus frame.

    Day 7: Get Your Get-Together Together - NOT DONE
    So, I'm supposed to have a party at the end of the cure. I love this idea, but I haven't made any moves on it. It would also be a good "semi-house warming" party and a good chance to my friends and Ian's friends to mingle, but it's definitely on the backburner for a while.

    Day 8 (weekend): Flowers, kitchen cleaning and make yourself a meal - NOT DONE 
    No flowers, no kitchen cleaning and I made supper one night, which was over-ridden by the fact that I didn't eat AT ALL Sunday. Fail all around.

    Are you doing the January Cure? If so, how's your progress going? Have I inspired you (or scared you away) from doing it yourself?

    PS - I'm really sorry about the fact there's only one photo in this post and a gajillion words. If you actually got all the way to the bottom of the post, congrats. You deserve a cookie.

    XO Laurie

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    1. It's awesome that you've checked off some things so far. I'm a firm believer that (in the positive sense of this statement) doing something (or somethings) is always better than nothing. I often repeat this to myself, as tend to be a natural multi-tasker and something of a workaholic, but my health often has other plans, so on those days when I know great scads of work aren't going to happen, I remind myself that any accomplishment in a positive direction is still an awesome one and more than I had under my belt when I got up that morning.

      ♥ Jessica

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