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  1. Show 'n' Tell: Simons and Sears

    Sunday, January 13, 2013

    I haven't done a shopping haul post in forever! May 2012, in fact. In case you missed those kinds of posts, I'm back with a vengeance.

    My parents were in Edmonton this weekend for an Ukrainian New Years Eve celebration with friends, so before their big shin-dig, mom and I went to West Edmonton Mall for shopping, lunch, a pedicure and more shopping.

    I don't particularly like West Edmonton Mall, mostly because it's so busy, but there are some stores in the mall that are ONLY at WEM. For example, Quebec department store Simons, who opened its first store outside Quebec in Edmonton this fall.

    I scored this cardigan (with detachable fur collar) for $20.

    These socks were $2 from Simons! Aren't they adorable? They'll be so warm under my winter boots too.

    These two pieces are the creme-de-la-resistnece. The faux-fure beret was about $10 from Simons, while the faux-fur stole is the one I previously showcased from Sears. I'm in love! 

    Sears had some crazy deals on when we were there. I got $90 worth of stuff for under $40!

    I was incredibly warm after taking these photos.
    I may have melted a bit.
    Gloves that actually fit me in the fingers - hallelujah! 

    Super cozy house-slipper-boot things ($10+80% off), as well as two pairs of fleece-lined knee-high socks from Winners.

    I also stocked up on some super cute kitsch for next Christmas!

    These were $3 after discounts.....

    While these were $1!

    Daisy, Ian's dog (and my step-dog, I suppose) wasn't quite sure what to make of my funny poses and tripod.

    Gizmo just wanted to trick me into feeding him again. Silly kitty.

    XO Laurie 

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  2. 4 comments:

    1. I love the cardigan! So very cute! And great deals at Sears as well, you had a very successful day :)

    2. That cardigan is so cute -- I think I need to get out to the mall for another shopping spree at Simon's soon.

      Courtney ~

    3. What terrific finds! I've been hearing more and more about Simons in recent months and noticed that Loulou magazine have been including garments from them more on their pages often, too. I really hope they keep moving west and set up shop (literally! :) ) in B.C. as well.

      ♥ Jessica

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