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  1. #JanuaryCure: Week 3

    Sunday, January 20, 2013

    Another week, another cure update! This week seemed to go by incredibly fast. Here we gooooo:

    Day 9: Create A Landing Strip - DONE
    Ian and I have always had a landing strip in our house. In the front entry way is two shoe racks (one for me, one for him), hooks for coats and Daisy's leash, and a mat. I always hang my keys (they're on a lanyard) on the doorknob for easy access as I'm heading out the door or command-starting my car. Mail sits on the top of the shoe-rack and is then brought into the kitchen to be sorted OR is marked return to sender and sits there until the next time you leave OR junk mail goes straight into the recycling bin by the door. Also sitting by the door is my workbag, so I always have my work essentials at the front door.

    Day 10: Work on Your Goal Project - DONE
    On Friday, even though I was tired and it was raining and I just wanted to get home, I did some errands after work. And by errands, I mean I went to Sally Beauty to buy a brush and end papers and ended up dropping $40 (as you do). BUT right beside Sally Beauty is Canadian Tire, which held one of the keys to my Goal Project - a circular bin for cans.

    My Goal Project is to get the kitchen clutter under control, and a big part of that is having a functional recycling space. Being a BC boy, Ian is very adamant about recycling everything, so we have separate containers for paper, cans and garbage. For the longest time we just had cans in a bag on the floor (yuck) or in boxes (better but still yuck). For $20, this goes a long way to hide the mess (but we still use boxes for beer bottles).
    Another thing I want to do is figure out what to do with this corner. The bookshelf is great, but isn't used much because of all the recycling things in front of it. I'm thinking of doing an overhaul: moving the bookcase back to the living room to replace the badly leaning one that's currently in there, and re-arranging all the stuff that's currently there. The only problem is where to put the stuff. Our cupboards are pretty full up as it is, except for the reaaaaally tall ones that I can't reach! I must think on this further.

    Day 11: Try a Media Fast - NOT DONE
    It is VERY hard for me to unplug. Even if I'm doing something like knitting, I have my tablet (with my pattern on it) and my cell phone (to count rows) close at hand. I'll be the first person to admit that I'm never without my cell phones (Yup, I have 2 phones - for personal use and work), and I use my tablet to read blogs and books.
    Basically, this is a massive fail for me. But, knitting and reading relaxes me, so I'm not sure if it's a total failure in the end.

    Day 12: Declutter Books and Media - DONE

    I always try to keep our house clutter-free, and Ian (bless his soul) is doing his best to keep up with my de-cluttering neurosis. Our bookshelfs are organized (in no particular order, I'm not that OCD) and all the DVDs are hidden in our lovely credenza, except for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, since that's currently what we're watching. (After taking that photo, I may go in and turn all the DVDs around so the titles are at least facing the right way). Who knew that a credenza from the 60s would be so perfect at holding DVDs and Blu-Rays!
    One thing we do need to get under control is our massive amounts of remotes (TV, Telus box, Xbox, Playstation and stereo) and game controllers. But it's at a place I'm very happy with!

    Day 13: Weekend Chores - Flowers and Bedroom - 50% DONE

    Ok, so I didn't buy flowers again, but in my defence it is really cold this weekend and the poor buggers would probably freeze on the way home. BUT I did tidy up the bedroom! I neglected to take before photos, but previously there was an old computer monitor on Ian's bedside table, a bonnet dryer and some jewellery underneath. I tidied up the bedroom closet and was able to put those things in there. Voila! A neat and tidy bedroom.

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    1. You are ever so good! I've been quite lazy in the start of the year...and have been naughty in using the excuse that its not new years Chinese New Year is still to come! Wishing you many happy blessings in 2013!
      May x

    2. You've been so busy and productive, awesome job!

      ♥ Jessica

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