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  1. Dreaming: My summer shopping list

    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    Happy June! Now that it's inching its way towards summer, it's time for me to start building my summer wardrobe. I have a girl's dinner and shopping date tomorrow with my best friends from college who are now scattered everywhichway, and I want to be prepared with a list!

    Hat: ~$10 (Joe Fresh)

    Shoes: ~$30 (Spring)

    Swimsuit: ~$40 (H&M)

    Dress: ~$40 (H&M)
    If I could only spend $40, the hat and the shoes are at the top of my list. I don't know how much beach bumming I'll get in this summer, but it'd still be nice to have a leopard print bathing suit!

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    1. I know! I don't care if I'm not going to the beach. I might just bum around my house wearing it and pretend!

    2. Deanna said...

      Just bought a hat like that yesterday! Now I have three that style haha. But they are perfect for the pontoonaroonie!

    3. OH! I love that dress! I've been trolling the Interwebs for a good, vintage-inspired dress, but they are EXPENSIVE. Sigh...

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