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  1. Hello and happy Saturday! I had a great day yesterday and today shopping, despite the dreary weather. I find it hard to get in a shopping mood when it's rainy out, but the prospect of going to H&M got me out of that.

    Here's what I bought yesterday when I went to West Edmonton Mall with Nicole. I didn't happen to get anything on my list. I did try on the dress but found it just wasn't quite the right shape. :( Instead I found a top, a dress and two hair flowers!
    Dress: $20 (H&M).
     I'm going to wear it with a red belt that came with another dress. I think it'll look fab.

    Top: $20 (H&M). This is really breathable cotton and will be great for summer.

    Flower: $5 (H&M)

    Flower: $5 (H&M)
    I also didn't find those shoes from Spring. They had them in the store, just not in the right size, and they said that they were sold out in my size across the city. It's weird - at every other shoe store I'm an 8 or 8.5, but at Spring I'm a 9. They don't have any 9s online either, boo!

    So today G and I decided to explore the 54th Jaywalker's Jamboree in Camrose. It's a street fair and sale blitz in downtown Camrose, but it was rainy and I don't like rides, so we didn't stay long. I was too tired last night to curl my hair, so I shoved it all up in a scarf and did a pouf, ala Casey's tutorial. I wasn't wearing anything too fancy, just jeans and Converse, so I wanted my hair to be a statement piece.

    Photo by G. 

    Note the large amount of bobby pins keeping all that hair in place.
    My hair lasted through a breezy day, trying on clothes and grocery shopping. I'd call that a success!

    We went to the vintage shop just off main street. I tried on lots of stuff but only came home with this - my first real vintage piece of day-to-day clothing.

    1960s Dress: $35 (Imagine Vintage)
    It doesn't look like much on the hanger, but it fits very well and is in great condition. It's also a very pretty colour and will become my go-to formal dress, I'm sure.

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