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  1. Wrapup: My history-filled weekend

    Sunday, June 19, 2011

    I'm going to pretend like I had a four-day weekend and include my Thursday adventures in with this post. On Thursday, G and I went to Vintage Finds and Summer Wines, a fundraiser at the Camrose museum that combined my love of drinking with my love of history and vintage.

    For $35, patrons wandering around to the different buildings at the museum and tasted up to 78 different types of wines, beers or spirits, all while taking in the museum. It was my first trip to the museum, and needless to say it was a rip-roaring time. I also ran into several people I knew, which is always fun.

    This is the only photo of alcohol I happened to take. I really liked the design (and it was delicious).

    The rest of the time we wondered around the museum grounds. One building had lots of WWII stuff:
    I love wartime posters.

    A paper license plate, Canadian ration booklets and canning sugar coupons. 

    But this one was my favourite - a replica building of the Camrose Mail (now the Camrose Canadian, where I work) from what it was like in 1906. One of these days I'm going to ask the museum staff if G and I can come in and do a photo shoot.

    Next time I complain about how slow my Mac is at work, I'll just remember that at least I'm not typesetting a whole newspaper with a linotype machine anymore. 
    The wine tasting night was really fun, and even though I was wearing a normal work outfit for me (pretty much this one sans flower) I got lots of compliments on my outfit. I think a lot of people thought I was dressed up for the event so they were pretty surprised when I said I dressed like this every day. One woman also came up to tell me and G that we were a beautiful couple. I also had a very nice talk with a lady about how no one cares how they dress anymore and she encouraged me to keep dressing vintage.On the days that I feel silly and out of place I hope I remember that!

    I had a very lazy Friday and Saturday, aside from G beating me in his first move of Scrabble ("Steamed", for a whopping 74 points. I tell you what, I was mighty steamed after that. I've only won Scrabble versus G once.) and watching the second episode of The Supersizers Go, where the food was mostly pies made out of animal heads. Lovely.

    Sunday Gme, G and our friend Ryan packed into my car and headed down the road to Wetaskiwin's Reynolds-Alberta Museum.  It's a machine/aviation museum and it was awesome I may not be a big machinery gal, but as someone who grew up on a farm I recognized a lot of machines, especially this one:

    Oil Pull Rumely - Burns Kerosene at All Loads
    This is a Rumley, a line of farm tractors built between 1910 and 1930. I'm not sure how old this one is. The reason Rumleys are so special to me and my family is because up until 2008, we had one of our own:

    1912 Rumley Oil Pull 30-60
    Our Rumley was bought in 1914 by our Great-Great Grandpa Callsen and brought to Canada. My Grandpa sold it to a machinist, who restored it in the memory of his wife. It's now fully restored and running.
    Since I have a bit of family history attached to these tractors, I couldn't resist getting some photos taken.

    I could tell this Rumley wasn't as old as ours because it had a seat. 
    Also: these things are massive.
    Eventually we carried on and continued to climb onto machinery like the rabble rousers we are.
    Do you see that face? This is why I don't let G drive. And just look how terrified Ryan is. 


    I'm starting to perfect that smoldering pin up look.

    In my hometown in Saskatchewan, it wouldn't be uncommon to see a kid driving that to school. 
    TTFN, hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

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    1. Looks like lots of fun. Love your outfit and hair its adorable.

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