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  1. Finishing School: Hair

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    One of my favorite vintage blogs is Lottie Loves, run by Brit-turned-California super-mom Lottie. One regular feature of her blog is Finishing School, where she alphabetically runs through goals and post challenges for her followers to complete. Since I'm late to the game, I am going to start posting backwards from the latest, starting with O and then try to catch up. She posts them one a month so if I'm on the ball I will catch up in no time!

    Your Challenge:
    When was the last time you went to a hairdresser? If it was too long ago then please consider going asap, again, I appreciate that money is a factor and quite possibly time too, however, that two hours is such a good investment when you consider how fabulous and amazing you feel when you come out. The confidence a new or refreshed hairstyle brings is amazing.

    However, I try very hard not to set you challenges that do not require you to spend money as I know this is not possible for many people right now. Therefore my challenge to you is:
    To spend five minutes each morning, for a week, styling your hair. This may involve brushing it and using products to tidy it up, it may involve trying a new updo or simply adding a pretty hair slide. Whatever it is try something different and make an effort. Leave your house in the morning knowing you have spent five minutes on your hair and feel great about it.

    As ever, tell me how this goes. Did you try out a new updo? Have you invested in a new shampoo? Have you brushed your hair for the first time in two years? Did you get yourself to the hairdressers to remove the dreadful home bleached job?

    This post has great timing as I've just visited the salon today. Funny how that worked out ;). I think the last time I went to the salon was January - wayyyy too long!

    My hair was thick that it had trouble drying overnight in sponge rollers, even though I was working in small sections. I have very thick hair anyway, so I just needed a thinning, shaping and a few layers.

    I had a particularly damp set when I woke up, so I shoved a beret on and made a hair appointment for this afternoon as soon as I got to the office.

    Thank goodness for stolen boyfriend berets.
    Luckily it was another dreary day so I didn't look overdressed.
    Smile, you!
    My hair feels so good after the cut. I didn't particularly liked the way she styled it but I can't wait to see the results tomorrow. Since the style felt more poufy than what I was comfortable with, I did my favourite go-to hair fix: throw it back with some bobby pins and stick a flower in for good measure.

    That's better.
    In the foreword of her post, Lottie also mentions trying not to shampoo everyday. I've been trying to cut back but I find this one is very hard for me. I have thick hair that traps a lot of gunk throughout the say and can feel very greasy by the end of the day. It also smells, itches and doesn't seem to hold curl as well. I have dry shampoo but also find that is has a harsh, aerosol smell to it as well.

    I won't wash it tonight because it was washed at my appointment, so we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

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