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  1. Today we finally did some touristy things, mostly revolving around Garret. The first thing we did was take the train all the way down to Wall Street to take in the Museum of American Finance. I loved it because it was dead and actually pretty interesting, even if I'm not as into the stock exchange as Garret. It was just fun watching him geek out over stuff.

    The museum was in the first bank in the US, so I was too busy drooling over the architecture and decor to drool over the finance exhibits.

    Although I did think the part about the war bonds was interesting. The children's war bonds had Disney characters on them.

    Also, we check out the security features of the Canadian passport under the UV light:

    Then we ventured outside to check out the federal building and the NYSE building. They were all too big to get a good shot because we didn't really have a wide-angle lens.

    G between the NYSE (left) and the Federal Building (right background)

    Same shot without his head in the way
    After that we ended up wandering down to the harbour. With our passes we could take a free clipper ship to the Statue of Liberty and back, so we did just that.

    Land ho!

    The New York Skyline. The building under construction on the left is the new World Trade Centre.

    The Brooklyn Bridge

    After our little tour, we headed back to the financial district to get a better glimpse of the new World Trade Centre, but we were meeting my friend Mary who happens to be in NYC too, so we didn't really have time to look around.
    I think they could have made a bigger statement
    with the building, but I'll leave it at that.
    We're off now to the Met, the Guggenheim and a sunset view of the city from the Top of the Rock.

    Until tomorrow,
    L & G

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    1. Lina Sofia said...

      Ah! I really want to go to New York now!!! Looks like you're having a fabulous time! Lucky you :)

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