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  1. Happy birthday to my one & only

    Friday, August 5, 2011

    I'm totally a holiday person. I get really excited about Christmas and birthdays - not just my birthday, but other people's too. Tomorrow is G's 23 birthday and today I've spent the whole day getting ready for it. Which basically meant baking his grandma's German chocolate cake from scratch in a 30 degree kitchen, washing my car (no one wants to ride in a dirty car on his birthday!) and doing laundry.

    23 Hanukkah candles that came with a case of HeBrew.
    I haven't tasted the cake yet but I'm pretty darn proud of myself. I have only made a few cakes, all from the box so this was a big leap!  Tomorrow I have some special surprises planned as well as his presents, so stay tuned for a wrap-up either Sunday or Monday.
    On a sidenote I just wanted to say how awesome it is that you can get things gift wrapped when you order them off Amazon. Yes, it costs extra but I am such a bad gift wrapper that it's totally worth it.
    It's much too hot to sit at a computer and type, so I'm off! We leave for NYC in 2 weeks so perhaps I ought to go prepare for that (eep! I'm so excited!)

     I've added my ode to G that I published as my column in this week's paper if you care to read it.

    They say there are five things everyone should know before dating a journalist.
    1. We can figure things out. 2. At some point, you will be a topic. 3. Yes, we think we’re smarter than you. 4. You’re not less important than the job — the job is just more important than anything else. 5. You won’t be  disappointed.
    This is number two (and hopefully number five) - so Garret, this one’s for you (warning, this is going to be
    incredibly sappy).
    First off, I love you. You know that . I know that. Anyone who has seen us together or who has been in our house knows that we’re as perfect for each other as it
    can get. You cook, make me coffee and make me laugh.
    You left the comfort zone of Edmonton, with your friends and your public transit and
    your good food, to come to Camrose and take a job with the competition(!). Thank you.
    Thanks for cooking for me everyday, since we both know that you love it and if I was left to my own devices I’d only ever have tomato soup or noodles. I’ve noticed
    that you’ve stopped cringing whenever I have the knife in my hands to cut vegetables.
    hanks for that too.
    Thanks for turning me onto good food, good coffee and good beer. You’ve gone and turned me into a snob when it comes to The Big Three and pre-ground coffee from the
    grocery store.
    Thanks for always making me laugh, whether it’s when we’re watching TV on the couch, out for a walk or when you’re dancing to 80s synthpop in the kitchen.
    Thanks for always turning the fan on in the bedroom, even if you’re freezing.
    Thanks for always being there with a hug and a kiss after a long day, especially
    when your days has been harder and longer.
    Thanks for being so laidback and calm. It might drive me crazy at the time, but in
    the end I think it’s made me more balanced and normal.
    Thanks for letting me hang out with you and the guys when we go to the city. I
    know that some guys would feel like having a girlfriend out with them can be a ball
    and chain, but you - and your friends - always make me feel welcome. The same goes for your family. I love being with your family and seeing how much they love you.
    Thanks for always being there, for loving me unconditionally, without question - even when I mess up. Thanks for being you. Happy birthday.

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