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  1. Is it really day 6 already? This trip has flown by so fast that I still feel like we just stepped off the train for the first time. We've gotten so used to the subway, the people and the weather. At the end of the day my feet didn't even hurt anymore!

    We started the day off a little bit later. When we left the Bronx the sky looked foreboding and when we came out above ground it was pouring, so we decided to forgo the view from The Top of The Rock, since you wouldn't even be able to see anything.  

    And my umbrella that I bought for $5 from the shady guy on the corner was starting to fall a part and rust. You can always tell a New Yorker from a tourist on a rainy day because all the tourist buy the shady-guy's cheap, plastic umbrella (like I did) and the New Yorker who has the reinforced, industrial sized umbrella that could stop a hurricane. Which supports my theory that everything is a little bigger in NYC. Even the squirrels are a little bit bigger than the squirrels back home, but my theory is the squirrels and rats have some how crossbred.

    Instead we headed to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to get out of the rain. Clearly a lot of people had that thought because it was packed! Art galleries and museums should be quiet and relaxing, but that wasn't my MoMa experience at all.

    Someone clearly gave up on this IKEA chandelier


    G and his Pollock

    Nevertheless, I loved it. It was nicely laid out (I hate confusing layouts of museums) and there was a really big range of exhibits. I loved the photography, design and architecture, although the feature exhibit Talk to Me was also really cool.

    Post-MoMa we went to the gift shop and I finally bought something! I picked up some magnets and a Breakfast at Tiffany's poster. I hope to buy more today so when I get home I'll do a wrap-up post.

    After MoMa we went to the American Museum of Natural History until it closed. Remember how I said MoMa was so wonderful because it was nicely laid out? AMNH was not.

    The outside of the building was gorgeous, but I wish they had kept the interior in the same vein.

    We were so confused the whole time about where we were that we probably missed some really cool exhibits, but we did see the evolution exhibit, some animal exhibits, and the dinosaurs (including our ole pal from back home, the Albertosaurus). It seems like we didn't really get to see a lot, we spent most of the time trying to find out where we were.

    This was the point in the day where we realized we hadn't eaten anything! But we were really close to Central Park, so we went off to find the Dakota - where John Lennon was shot - and then Strawberry Fields. The Dakota was so beautiful (and old, it was built in 1881). I think Yoko still lives there?

    The we trekked off to find food. We were both craving something fast and cheap, and then we found Shake Shack. I had heard about it, so I wanted to give it a go. We managed to find a table just as our food was done, and we didn't need it for very long because we devoured our food (which is why there's no photo). Maybe it's just because I hadn't eaten all day, but it was possibly the best burger I've had. I need to go back.
    After that we strolled over to a nearby Pinkberry, because Garret had heard about it on Curb Your Enthusiasm and product placements always work so well on him.

    It was also amazing - I had a peanut butter yogurt with chocolate crunch, which was perfect. The staff was also really nice and helpful. If you have either of these resturants near you, you should go.

    After that we decided to call it an early night. We've had a busy three days of rushing around doing touristy things, so we decided to have a night in of watching brainless TV and a change to sleep-in in the morning. Today we don't have too many plans, so we've decided to go back to just wandering the city (and hopefully shop some more). There's now big hurricane warnings, so we may have to alter the rest of our trip. We'll be in touch!

    Until tomorrow,
    Laurie and Garret

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