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  1. Wrapup: G's 23rd Birthday

    Sunday, August 7, 2011

    This year was the first year G and I were together for the whole time leading up to his birthday. Last year he was still living in Edmonton and I had just moved to Camrose; my schedule was so hectic that I didn't know I was able to spend the day with him until I was on the road to see him. This year I was estactic that I was to spend the whole week with him and could spoil him. Aside from the column I wrote for him in the paper and the homemade cake, I bought him a beer tasting book and a new coffee grinder.
    Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder, White

    Tasting Beer [Paperback] by Randy Mosher
    He was freaking out over how fine the espresso grind was - so I think I done good. I got some shots of the blowing out of the birthday candles (I feel like such a mom!)

    I always shoot in continuous mode, so of course I had to make a gif. It looks like it's out of order, but that's because G cheated and took two breaths.

    Then we went to Edmonton to visit the Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA) for Andy Warhol's birthday, but it was closed (booo) so we walked to the Legislature and then went to dinner at Famoso's with his friends. Famosos is a authentic Italian (and amazingly delicious) pizza place, and they had a deal for 7 people with appetizers, salad and five pizzas for ~$100. I wish I had taken a photo - there was so much food!

    And so there is a little bit of retro in this post, here's what I wore (and it was actually nice out yesterday for a change - thanks weather!) This is not the best picture, I actually looked much cuter (or so I thought, anyway).

    Repro halter dress: Rowena  ($40)

    xx Laurie

    PS - my birthday is next Saturday and so I promise to better document things, if not for your entertainment at least for my memory!

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    1. Jan said...

      You are a doll! Love You!

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