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  1. Wrap-up: BVJ 2011

    Tuesday, August 2, 2011


    That about sums up how I feel right now. BVJ has been over for two days and I'm still exhausted.

    I didn't take any photos for outfit posts since they were mostly repeats (I do not have a very large wardrobe, sadly) but I'll show you anyway:

    I wore this Thursday, except with my hair pulled back.

    If you fancy seeing me on the job, you can watch this Global Edmonton News broadcast. Fast-forward 3 minutes to the end and you'll notice me prancing about in the background, taking photos of a Snowbirds technician. Jadene Mah, the organizer (and apparently reader of this blog) had some foresight and said that I didn't need to wear the safety vest the other media were wearing. It so would have clashed.
    Here's my Thursday hair:

    This was basically what I wore on Friday, except with sensible shoes:

    And this is what I wore Saturday, but with my first successful victory rolls!

    I'm so proud of these! My hair is finally long enough to manage them looking decent, I was so happy. And happier still when no drunkards yelled at me or tried to poke their fingers in my rolls. I call that a victory indeed ;)

    Sunday's outfit was the leopard print skirt again with a purple t-shirt and my hair pulled back. I was too exhausted to care, really.
    Here's what I did too! Thursday was mostly covering the Canadian Forces Snowbirds who were in town for the Jamboree, while the rest of the weekend was covering news and BVJ. A slideshow from the Snowbirds and a select few BVJ photos follow below. Visit if you want to see more! Also, all the following photos are copyright of Sun Media. Please do not steal!

    West Coast Lumberjacks show.

    I have a big week coming up with a certain someone's birthday (I always procrastinate birthday planning because I can't keep a secret for very long) but I hope to post again soon.

    Happy trails!

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    1. Kerry said...

      Wowee, you take some great photos! And that was very nice of the organiser to consider your outfit - hi vis vests are impossible to style.

      I particularly love the image of the woodchopper.

      See you when you get back :-)

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