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  1. Goals: Crafty Lady

    Tuesday, January 31, 2012

    Ever since I started dressing vintage, I'm had the urge to become more crafty. I've already started my foray into knitting, I want to get into sewing and this weekend, I did my first attempt at embroidery.

    After a monogram tutorial by Vixen Vintage popped up on Pinterest, I decided to give it a go. I took a t-shirt that I wouldn't mind wrecking if the monogram didn't turn out and decided to embroider my blog logo.

    It's not perfect (I should have done the blue first, not the orange!) but it turned out all right, I think.

    Except now I have a problem - I want to embroider ALL the things. I should have seen this coming.

    In other news, I had a good hair day today. I went to bed without curling my hair, so this morning it was a flat gross mess. I REALLY should buy a snood, but until then, I think this was a good lazy day alternative.

    For those of you who know the hairband method for hair curling, you may see what I've done. The hairband method has never worked for curling my hair, but I do like it as a style in itself. Instead of wrapping my hair all the way around a headband that was the same colour, I just did the back and did victory rolls in the front.

    Whoops, ignore the loose piece in the back!

    I haven't mastered bobby pinning the hair so it stays in a roll, so I have to be tucking the hair in the back in every once in a while, lest it goes astray, like in the first photo.

    And here's my full outfit:

    This sweater is pink, not red. My white balance was off...
    Hmmm, I think I could totally embroider something on that sweater...

    XO Laurie

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    1. Bailey said...

      Could you be any cuter? Nope! I love this look!!

    2. Hello, I found you via the Fedora Lounge! I love love love that check blouse in the first photo, I love slightly-Western looking blouses with those contrast shoulders! You have some great outfits!

      Btw, I would be delighted if you would check out my fledgling little blog! Please stop by :)

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