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  1. How to: be prepared when going shopping

    Saturday, January 12, 2013

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    There are two kinds of clothes shopping in the world: The casual 'I'm just going to pop over and see what catches my eye' kind and the 'all-or-nothing, marathon' kind. The latter is not for the faint of heart, but the stress of shopping can be eased when you follow a few key rules.

    1. Hair and Make-up
    Prime example of my everyday hair and makeup
    Wear your hair and make-up to go with the kind of garments you're looking for. If you're shopping for a fancy dress and find the perfect one, you'll feel blah if you're not wearing any make-up or just have your hair up in a pony.
    There's been lots of times that I feel an outfit doesn't look right on me, only to realize it's because my hair is up in a scarf or just lying there straight. Just a little concealer, mascara and red lippy with a pair of victory rolls can make me feel fabulous in 15 minutes.

    2. Proper undergarments

    When you undertake marathon shopping, you likely have a few specific items in mind that you want to look for: perhaps its sweaters and cardigans, work clothes, shoes or a cocktail dress. No matter what you're shopping for, you should always wear the correct undergarments.

    • If possible, wear nude underwear, so if you put on a slightly sheer garment you won't be distracted by your black and leopard print bra. The same goes for wearing sheer pantyhose instead of coloured tights. You want to start with a clean slate.
    • If you're looking for a dress or blouse with a little va-va-voom, wear your pushup bra.
    • If you're looking for the perfect sweaters, wear a bullet bra (and pads!) to see how it fits. 
    • If you're looking for something that requires shapewear, bring it along (or wear it if it won't make you too terribly uncomfortable). 
    3a. Neutral layers and separates

    I am totally guilty of breaking this rule most times I go shopping. I'll either wear a favourite dress or a skirt that only a few tops go with. That's why my favourite skirt (shopping or no shopping) is the cream circle skirt with black piping shown above. It goes with everything and is incredibly comfortable. Here I'm also wearing a light summer cardigan that can easily be taken off if I don't need to change in the change rooms, as well as a camisole (so I'm not flashing my goods in the store if I do take off my cardigan).

    3b. Looking for something's mate?
    If you are looking for a coordinate with your favourite skirt/cardigan/blouse/dress, obviously wear that. Don't him and haw over whether something will go together when you can just bring it along!

    4. Wear/bring accessories 

    If you're looking for a fancy dress, bring the shoes that you want to wear with them so you know if they'll go (or vice versa). Same thing goes if you're looking for pants and want to make sure they're the proper height with your favourite heels.
    ALWAYS bring or grab a belt in the store (although if you grab a belt off the rack, sometimes the retail staff won't let you bring it into the change room). It's amazing how a belt can transform an outfit!
    (Don't have a great belt? Stay tuned for a sewing tutorial and giveaway.) 

    5. Be Comfortable
    In spite of all the rules above, it's still very important to be comfortable while you're out shopping. Wear comfortable walking shoes, drink lots of water, eat and take a break if you need to -- and yes, I'm serious. Shopping can be a bit of a work out, and my legs are aching today after walking around the mall in flip-flops post-pedicure with my mama. They're definitely not ideal footwear for power shopping. Eat and drinking are also important, because I can get really cranky if I'm in a mall with a zillion other people (most of them slow walkers), especially if my blood sugar is low.

    What are some of your "rules" for marathon shopping to make sure you and other shoppers get through unscathed?

    XO Laurie

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    1. Terrific tips, dear Laurie! I have specific ways of dressing, too, depending on where I'm going and how long I'm going to be out. Generally I like neutral colours and black in layers, good foundation garments and hosiery. Comfortable shoes with a little heel (2.5 inches max, if you're going to be walking or standing for hours) are always wonderful, too.

      ♥ Jessica

    2. Unknown said...

      Such terrific suggestions! When I go shopping I tend to dress like a slob and I end up with all the problems you've mentioned here. I find it astounding that I never thought of these things before and they seem so obvious after you've mentioned it. Thanks bunches!

      Hellcat Vintage

    3. Thanks for your advice. Very helpful !

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