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  1. Wrapup: My 21st Birthday

    Monday, August 15, 2011

    I am still trying to catch up after my birthday weekend! Last year I had just moved to Camrose and didn't know anyone, so I celebrated 20 with a quiet night in with G. This year, we celebrated my birthday on Saturday, then did a triple birthday Sunday for me, G and his mom (so many August babies in 2 weeks!)

    On Saturday G surprised me with a trip to Fort Edmonton Park. I had never been but I really wanted to go, so once I was done working we headed off to the city. It was mighty hot and involved a lot of walking, but I didn't mind.

    They had fresh, crisp billboards from the 1920s up on that section of the city (It's divided into 3 parts, and then the fort)

    The Rutherford house (1905) was by far my favourite. I loved the bathroom!

    Pretty vintage hair combs and jewelry.

    If it wasn't hot enough, we decided to go into the greenhouse.

    Garret tried to steal pelts. Shhhhh....
    Then on Sunday we returned to the Edmonton area to do some more birthday partying. G's mom's birthday is the day after mine, so we went up to spend some time with his family.

    G's brother and mom

    Jan's AWESOME Ray Bans. I want.

    Their coffee machine busted a few days before, so we found them a new one

    G and I also go presents from his parents and from his Aunt and Uncle - we are so spoiled!

    .... and coffee! G's two favourite things (after me, right hun?)

    A vintage apron from G's Aunt, whose mom hand-made it. It's so gorgeous!
    "Auntie Nancy" (not really my aunt but I love aunts so there!) also made me an apron - she is too sweet.
    That's 4 I have now. I need to bake more.

    Reading the card from Jan and Greg and looking like a somewhat elegant derp-head.
    There was Tupperware in that box (Jan knows me too well!)
    I also received a bit of birthday money from some family members, so I bought this bag. Keri lives in the Camrose area and makes bags out of re-purposed vintage material on her 1940s Singer. Obviously, I just love her shop! I don't have a big enough work bag or a suitable carry-on bag for NYC, so I picked this one out.

    This satchel is created from a WWII wool blanket and genuine leather for the sides and bottom. The short straps are from a military parachute pack and the adjustable shoulder strap is a military surplus gun sling. The interior is a sturdy tarp canvass and features a belted strap to hold your laptop snugly in place, two large leather pockets to hold all your gadgets, and a trigger snap clasp to keep your keys handy.

    It fits everything so perfectly! "My" (read: my editor's) telephoto lens even fits in the pockets. It's a match made in heaven and is so heavy-duty that it's sure to last me forever.

    We've rounded out the weekend by going to the 100-year-old Bailey Theatre earlier this evening to watch The Sound of Music. I had never seen it as a kid (gasp!) so I had no idea how political it was. Also, I was so confused during the whole thing about how there could be a five-year-old when the mother died seven years ago. Turns out the Rev. Mother said "several". My hearing is starting to go in my old age.

    I hope everyone had a great weekend. Only 4 more days until NYC!

    xx Laurie

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    1. Kerry said...

      Wow that certainly sounds like a massive birthday weekend! And despite the funny facial expression, you really do look like the perfectly groomed birthday girl :-)

      Those vintage hair combs have seriously stolen my heart, to eBay I go!

    2. Happy BIrthday you looks like lots of fun was had!!!!

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