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  1. Show 'n' Tell: Updating the bedroom

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    After our date night on Tuesday, G and I went to the most romantic place on Earth: Ikea.

    Ok, well maybe Ikea isn't the most romantic place to go after dinner and a movie, but it's also where we spent Valentine's Day. And what's a better relationship test than wandering Ikea, picking out furniture and then trying to assemble it? What doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

    My main purchase last night was a bookcase. I've been wanting some sort of shelving in the bedroom because I found I had a big lack of storage for all my beauty supplies. It seems that whenever January rolls around I have this massive urge to organize, update and clean.

    Exhibit A - the before photos:

    Blech. Now that I've changed it I can't believe how bad it was before! I think it looks so much better now, although G said that you can't even tell a boy lives there (that's the point dear).

    I used to have to have my hats in the front entry way, but now I can have them in the bedroom and try them on out my outfits. Also, instead of a pile of books on the radiator I can have my vintage, makeup and hair bibles nicely displayed in the bookcase.

    Cute little retro perfume bottles also found at Ikea.

    I also did a little mirror inspiration. Aside from the hair cutouts from a magazine (FLARE, I think?) I added a note from Annie Pancake after winning a giveaway of hers (she's so sweet!), the ad from the Alex Pangman Nov. 11 concert and a photo of the most glamorous 1940s lady I know, my Grandma Marchant when she was a young girl (she has amaaaaaaazing hair).

    The second-from-the-right photo from the magazine actually annoys me every time I look at it
    because the heading is 'Victory Rolls' when the photo is clearly a pompadour. Sigh
    My little cleaning frenzies make me so happy. I also cleaned out the fridge yesterday which was very disgusting and very rewarding (and we have so much more room now). Do you love organizing like me or would you rather hide away from it all?

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    1. ~ * ♥ * ~

      I have to say Laurie, I'm a total organizing freak. I LOVE seeing everything tucked away neatly and ready to use. As in, when I got a shoe rack to put my 40+ pairs of shoes away on, I was dancing for the next week whenever I saw it. It made me that happy to have my shoes all lined up prettily. : P I love your little vintage suitcase ~ it looks really cute next to your neat hats and stuff! : D

      bonita of Depict This!
      ~ * ♥ * ~

    2. Y said...


    3. Kids Beds said...

      I like your room and your stuff! They are so funky and cool. Kudos to you as well for keeping it organize.

    4. That bookcase is a great addition to your room! It's much better use of space and more pleasing to the eyes compared to seeing the scarves hanging against the wall.

    5. I love the intricate design pieces that are in the bedroom. This gives an outright personalized approach in terms of design.

    6. Baby Cots said...

      You can know about updating bedroom with help of the post here

    7. Carol Smith said...

      I'm looking for a new plan for my buckeye apartments. I hope you don't mind if I get inspired with your design.

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