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  1. Happy Mother's Day

    Sunday, May 8, 2011

    As I mentioned yesterday, I was lucky enough to have my mom come spend the weekend with me in Camrose. This morning we (and by we I mean mostly Garret) made Mom strawberry-dark chocolate-whipped cream crepes from scratch. Yum.

    Then before my mom left on her long trek home (four hours!) we got G to take some photos of us:

    Mom is wearing the outfit I got her for mother's day (and I was just wearing cuffed jeans and a cami, nothing fancy). 

    My mom, like everyone else's mom, is the best and most amazing mom in the world. She's the one that taught me to always look your best and that it's not selfish to feel good about yourself (among a plethora of other things).

    On my graduation day. 
    When I was 13, mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and over the course of the next seven years would go on to have 13 surgeries along with chemo and radiation. Through the whole thing she was still gorgeous, glamorous and happy. The next spring, just less than a year from her diagnosis, I raised money to shave my head. I ended up raising over $4,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society (my original goal was $1,000) and I donated my hair to a wig company that created wigs for cancer patients.

    And now she's as happy and healthy as ever. I am so thankful I got to spend a fabulous weekend with her. Thanks for everything mom - I love you!

    Mom with my cousin Laura at the Red Deer Run For The Cure, October 2010.

    xoxo Laurie

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    1. Anonymous said...

      Hey Laurie!
      What a neat blog I just found it today. I read all your back posts lots of great stuff. Another trick I that I use because I hate chemicals so much is to use just straight lemon juice on my counter tops if I really want them to shine and make my kitchen smell good. Laura

    2. Romy said...

      You are an amazing person, you know that?
      To be 14 years old and do so much to help people get cured is really incredible. I am glad that your momma is in good health now.
      Yay for mommies!!

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