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  1. Sorry for the later-than-normal post. I was busy at work and then when I had downtime Blogger also decided to go down. Blarg. Today was a standard Tuesday: Sent the papers off to press, wrote a story about the government deciding to build a new school in Bawlf and went to the world's shortest council meeting (55 minutes!)

    Top & Skirt: H&M | Shoes: Spring
    Anywho, as you know I went to Calgary on the weekend. I also went to Edmonton on Monday so I have a bit of shopping show-off to post about.

    I only bought one thing in Calgary! I was hoping to find a nice work bag to replace my broken-zippered one (I would love this Cambridge Satchel if I could afford it) but then completely forgot about it. My brain is the texture of swiss cheese sometimes. I did, however, find this lovely summer dress.

    Dress: $42 (Dick & Janes, Calgary)
    I'm in love with this dress and it fits like a dream! I even did the photo-kneel-test to make sure I don't flash my subjects when I'm shooting. It will probably end up being my go-to summer dress, even though it lacks pockets.

    Then on Monday I hit up Rowena (the closest repro/rockabilly shop) with my lovely partner in crime Nicole. We're old college buds (I say it like it wasn't just a year ago) and are known to pursue Rowena and get disgustingly intoxicated at the Edmonton country bar that we both hate.

    Back in the college days (November 2009)
    Rowena happened to be having a "buy two sale items get the third free" sale which is the most dangerous combination ever. I bought three things and only spent $43. Unfortunately this lovely evening dress that was $20 and a gorgeous creme colour wasn't in my size, so that couldn't come home with me. However I bought these hats. Even though they are winter hats, it's looking to be a rainy summer here in Camrose (again) and I want to be prepared.

    Delux Hats: $43 for two (Rowena)

    and I got these high-waisted trousers for free (They were $108 on for $15 - a steal even if they weren't free!).
    Free, the most wonderful price in the world.
    G says they look very 70s-ish, but what does he know! I think they'll look great with a plaid blouse and victory rolls, like how Fleur de Guerre wears them (actually, if I could look even an 1/100th as good as Fleur looks I'd be one happy camper).

    'Til tomorrow,
    Laurie xo

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