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  1. Happy Thursday! I've spent most of the day running around the house and getting it back into tip-top shape after it was neglected for far too long. Now I've got a bit of time to myself (what to do!) before heading to Rotaract. Rotaract is the younger brother of Rotary, an international organization that basically gets together, raises a bunch of money and gives it away this year. Members of Rotaract are between 18 and 30.

    I ended up going to a Rotaract meeting for an assignment and kept coming back. It was actually a good way to meet people that are my age and how I met my friend Ryan outside of Twitter.
    This year, our club is raising money for a local young mothers program called Learning Together. To do this, we're having a duck race on Canada Day.

    Designed by Right Mind Creative aka Ryan.
    At Rotaract we're always trying to bring new members in and one way we hope to do that is through some guest speaking. I volunteered to be the first guest speaker and talk about how to create a story idea and pitch it to a newspaper. I found 99.99% of people in Camrose don't really know how to let the newspaper know they have a story idea, so I thought it would be really helpful for people (and me as well, really).

    So here is what I'm wearing. It's been a weird "cloudy yet +19 degrees" day out so I went with my new dress from Calgary.

    Dress: $42 - Dick and Janes (Calgary) | Shoes: Payless

    Since I was cleaning all day my hair was in rollers for about 16 hours, so my hair turned out fairly decent!

    I won't lie, I am a bit nervous about my public speaking. I mean, I barely talk in Rotaract meetings anyway, so this will really be me coming out of my shell. All I hope is people find it interesting and hopefully will take something out of it. I'm been spreading the word about it on Twitter and Facebook but I'm not sure anyone other than club members will be there.

    Wish me luck!

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