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  1. I have a ridiculously busy day today, so I started it off with a fairly balanced breakfast.
    I get so hungry by mid-morning if I don't eat breakfast, but sometimes I forget (yes, forget!) to make time for it. Lately my favourite quick breakfast is strawberries, granola and a dash of vanilla yogurt, but this morning I had a little more time so I decided to make some waffles with a smattering of strawberries on top. And by make waffles, I mean take them out of the freezer and into the oven.

    I have a jack-packed schedule today of things I need to cover so I need to make sure my energy is up. G had to leave early to go to Edmonton, so I'm actually going to have to buy a coffee instead of him making me a cup. The nerve! (kidding, of course)

    Here's today's to do list. Pretty sure I won't squeeze that lane swim in * guilty*

    Everything is pretty much a photo, so it will be fairly come and go, luckily.

    Anyway, I am trying to decide what to wear. I need something that will provide decent coverage from the mosquitos without being too warm but still being retro enough for my look.

    I learned yesterday that pantyhose doesn't act as mosquito netting. In fact, if it's black pantyhose, they will more likely be drawn to it. Proof:

    The really bad thing about all these bites is that I'm a scratcher. Mosquitoes love to bite me and I appear super-sensitive to bites, so by the end of summer I usually end up looking like one giant scab. Gross.
    So this year I'm pledging not to be a scratcher! It's going to be really hard, but I'll just have to remind myself that Audrey Hepburn probably didn't scratch her legs until they bled. If I'm distracted enough I don't notice them (blogging about them, however, only aggravates the situation) and they don't look that bad if they are left alone. Exhibit A: The bites I got last week are now just tiny little pin-pricks.

    Anyway, this what I'm wearing. It's a little blah, but it's easy to work in! 

    Gotta run! Tah tah!

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    1. Jill said...

      Put toothpaste on the bites! ;)

    2. Unknown said...

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