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  1. What to Wear: Typical Monday

    Monday, May 9, 2011

    Happy Monday to you all (at least, those of you on this side of the Atlantic!).
    In our office, Mondays are probably my favourite day - production day! We put the paper together today and tomorrow morning, so I spend most of the day at my desk designing the paper. While I love going out and reporting, it's nice having a day just in the office, especially since designing the paper is my favourite part. That said, I never slob it on Mondays, no matter how tired I am.

    However, this Monday I have to go cover city council (usually I cover County)  so I might be a little dressed up than on a normal Monday. (My apologies for the softness of this photo - shooting into a skewed mirror is difficult!)

    Grey Tee: Rickis | Leopard Print Skirt: Joe Fresh | Black Bow Pumps : Payless

    I'm taking this chance to wear my new skirt! Turns out it's about half an inch too big, something that I hoped would be remedied by a thicker tee and stockings, but not really. After a test run today I may adjust it if I find that it's migrating towards my ankles too much.

    I really love this skirt. Aside from its low price tag and rockabilly feel, it's also nicely lined and has pockets. Pockets are a must for me in skirts - especially in the summer - because I carry around a recorder, notebook, cell phone etc. I usually have a bag to toss all that stuff in, but if I'm at an event where I need that stuff on hand right away it's nice not to have to root through my bag to find my recorder. The other dress I bought this weekend also has pockets - score!

    My hair today is pretty meh. The right side was super curly compared to the left, so to avoid looking like a poodle I clipped it back. I need to find a product that will smooth the fly-aways, especially now that it's getting warmer out. I use hair wax, but I find it makes my hair separate and curl which is great when I want it to do that, but when I want waves it kind of wrecks it.

    Anyway, I have work that needs to get done before starting page layout so I better get my butt to work.

    xo Laurie

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    1. Good point! It also has buttons on the back that I can move around, so I might do that.

    2. Lina Sofia said...

      you look adorable! I love pockets in a skirt too! so useful :)

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