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  1. Thoughts for Slave Lake

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    My apologies for the radio silence! I had a busy weekend of napping, visiting and a little bit of work that took me away from the computer (this is actually a good thing).

    Then last night all I could do was watch the horror unfold out of Slave Lake, AB where wildfires driven by 100 km/hr winds overtook the town of 7,000 and displaced 95% of residents.

    Aerial view of the fire damage in Slave Lake. (Chantel Tkach)
    While the fires haven't affected me locally I've found it very hard to pay attention to blogs and other things when I know people have lost their homes. I'm already thinking of what I can round up to donate to Slave Lake. Since it's grad and wedding season I will hopefully be donating my grad dress. I was planning on selling it but never got around to it, so now I'd much rather donate to a girl in need.

    If you are in the Edmonton area, this Facebook page can direct you if you wish to donate items. You can also donate money to the Red Cross for their efforts in helping fire evacuees.
    The amazing thing in all of this is that no one was killed or seriously injured.

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