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  1. What to Wear: Shooting windy baseball

    Saturday, May 14, 2011

    I'm off to work in a bit, I just wanted to get in a quick outfit post in before I blow away in the 50km/hour winds we're treated to today. I can't wait to shoot baseball in those winds.

    Top: Twig (Camrose) | Shorts: Old Navy (Edmonton) | Shoes: Payless (Camrose)
    I don't really know how I feel about this look (couldn't you tell with the look on my face?). My shorts are too big, my hair didn't drop enough (and is just going to get blown all over anyway) and it just feels like it's missing something, you know? I also feel a little sick (boo!) and am not really happy about having to be out in the wind (my computer says that right now they're only 35 km/hour, so that should be a little better, right?)
    OK, enough whining.

    Sorry for the out-of-focus shot.
     I'm trying to learn manual focus and it's really difficult when you're shooting yourself.
    Anyway, I hope you all have a marvelous weekend. Last night I was at Camrose grad. There were some vintage inspired dresses! One girl had a lovely long green gown that looked very 1920s inspired, while another had a bit of a victory roll going on! I also met this lovely couple who were sitting behind me. They're both teachers at the comp, so I hope to run into them again. 

    Again, another dreadful photo. It's not like I do this for a living or anything. *sigh*
    Anyway, enough whining. I'm going to eat lunch and be on my merry way to my work assignments.

    xo Laurie

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