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  1. What to Wear: Work and Groceries

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    Good afternoon, fair readers. Here's my ensemble today:

    Top: Thrifted - Divine (Edmonton) | Bandeau: $12 - Twig (Camrose) 
    Capris: $40 - Ricki's (Camrose) | Wedges: $40 (Payless)
    Thanks again to my wonderful, handsome G for being my photographer.

    I had an awesome hair day today, so I'm glad it was captured on film. Also: while this photo was taken at 8:30 this morning, I was sweating! We have a glorious east facing window so it gets lots of morning sunlight. As our growth-spurty little herbs can attest, it can really hot in there.

    I'm not doing anything special today. I just finished up the newspaper with Vince and then plan on going grocery shopping, as all we have in the house is potatoes. Delicious, delicious potatoes.

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    1. Thanks, means a lot coming from a shoe-lover like you Angela.
      I should note that I switched my shoes for grocery shopping. I spent two hours in Superstore and I would have made G push me around in the cart had I worn the wedges.

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