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  1. Mad Melodies: Rockabilly

    Thursday, May 5, 2011

    Sorry I haven't posted for the last two days. I worked a late night on Tuesday and then yesterday I was working on my other blog, so I didn't have time to post! I'm afraid that this post will also be a little lame if you're looking for something more structured, since this is just going to be my favourite music at the moment.
    JD Macpherson - North Side Gal

    I stumbled upon JD Macpherson's stuff on The Fedora Lounge and immediately fell in love. I  bought it off iTunes ASAP and have been listening to it non-stop. My second favourite track is Your Love (Is All I'm Missing). If you're into rockabilly, check out his MySpace for some fabulous tunes.

    Imelda May - I'm Alive

    This song has one of the most beautiful steel guitars I've ever heard, so I'm not sure if that's more attractive to some or more off putting! This is a wonderful love song and whenever I hear it I get all warm and fuzzy inside. May has a fantastic voice and can easily transition from harder rockabilly (like her track Johnny Got A Boom Boom) to softer love ballads like this. She also did a fantastic cover of Tainted Love as well.

    United Steel Workers of Montreal - Son, Your Daddy Was Bad

    I found out about USWM from Jerry Iwanus after I asked for some new music reccomendations on Twitter. I'm not sure how to classify USWM, but I was pretty stoked to see a stand-up bass and a mandolin in their lineup - that's always a good sign. I really love the energy of this song, especially the whole storytelling aspect of it. Another one of my favourites is Ask Me To Stay, even though it just about makes me cry every time I hear it.

    Until next time,

    xo L

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    1. Romy said...

      You got me hooked up on JD Macpherson now!

    2. Clearly I should have put a disclaimer on there!

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