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  1. Show 'n' Tell: Shopping with mama

    Saturday, May 7, 2011

    This will be a quick post as my mom is in town (all the way from Sakatchewan! Lucky me :D) to visit me for the weekend. We went shopping downtown Camrose this morning and despite the rain had a lot of fun (and spent quite a bit of money!)

    First off I bought my first train case! It's from 1955 and in great condition (I think). The vintage shop was having a 40% off sale, so I got the case and 2 scarves for ~$30.

    Train Case: 40% off $35 (Imagine Vintage)

    It even came with a little tray to put my clips in. I've got all my makeup and rollers tucked away in there now:

    At Twig, my staple clothing shop I also picked up this top. It looks like a blouse & cardigan, but really it's one piece. I was really surprised that I liked it - usually I like to actually layer things myself, but this one was too great to pass up, especially at $32.

    Top: $32 (Twig)

    I love the colour the pattern and lace.

    The braided belt that came with it is divine too.

    I also picked up my mom's tab at Twig while she wasn't looking as her Mother's Day present. I got in heck :p

    Then we went to Superstore, because mom wanted to check out the clothes. I love Joe Fresh stuff, but when I go get groceries I keep in control and away from the clothes. Not this time! Luckily everything is veeeeery affordable, so I don't feel too bad.

    The first thing I saw was this dress, with a gorgeous tropical pattern.

    Dress: $20 (Joe Fresh)

    But my favourite feature of this dress is that the straps are connected by buttons, so if it doesn't fit me in the straps I can lengthen or tighten it!

    Then I found this rad rockabilly skirt in my size!

    Skirt: $7 (Joe Fresh)

    I love the buttons too. I didn't try either of the things on, but I can always take them back or taken them in.

    Aaaaand I also bought some sunglasses at Ardenes. My badness. These ones are my favourite colour - mint/teal (excuse the scraggly look, I had a long say of shopping).

    Sunglasses: 2 / $15 (Ardenes)

    These ones just scream Holly Golightly.

    OK, time for happy hour, a delicious roast and relaxation.

    Laur xo

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    1. Dakota said...

      That train case is seriously divine; I loveee the purple lining and mirror, too cute! It'll make for very glamorous traveling!

    2. Romy said...

      That traincase is to die for!
      I love your sunglasses too.

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