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  1. This post will be full of adorable rescued racing hounds and Canadian-Scottish Celtic FC fans. If you aren't fond of either, perhaps you ought to navigate away.

    This May Long weeknd (happy birthday, Queenie V) I headed down to Calgary to visit my brother (Mr. @newsboycallsen of X92.9 fame) and sister-in-law (Mrs. Newsboy), since I hadn't seen them since Christmas. I also had never driving in Calgary, so that was another first for me. I found it super easy to drive in (which was shocking) and I also timed it so I hit very little holiday traffic. Score.

    The first night Meredith and I strolled around 17th Ave, went shopping then met up with Greg/James/Newsboy for some patio, nachos and beer (I bought a dress but that will be showed off in the next post). As you may have gathered, my brother - like me - is a journalist, so many beers and other drinks were had over the course of the weekend.

    If you've ever wondered what a brother-sister journalist duo
     looks like out of focus in a bathroom mirror, well now you know.
    Saturday Greg and I woke up early to head to a pub that was showing the Scottish Cup final between Celtic and Motherwell. It was my first proper football match and I actually really enjoyed it. I was also glad that I was in a cozy pub with a breakfast instead of in the rain in Scotland.

    My brother has said that he woke up one day and decided to like soccer/football and basically picked the Celtics because they have the same colours as the Roughriders. While we were baptized Protestants, my brother and I are both atheists, which the Calgary Celtics supporters club seemed to approve of. They were all super friendly and probably would have plied us with more beers had we not had to pick up Greg's dog. At one point I almost forgot I was in Calgary, since everyone had a Scottish accent. It was great. Beers, breakfast, socializing and soccer all before noon.

    I even wore team colours, complete with a Rosie-styled bandana as I was in too much of a rush to take all my rollers out. Please note the matching socks and matching dog.

    Socks: H&M | Capris: Rickis | Tee: H&M
     Celtics zip up: Borrowed | Bandana: Borrowed  
    Then later that afternoon we went to the SAGA meet-and-greet at the pet store. SAGA - Southern Alberta Greyhound Association - is something that Greg and Meredith are involved in with Fortress, their 10-year-old rescued greyhound. They've had him for three years and before that he was a racer.

    Fortress (left) and a SAGA buddy.
    I had lots of fun at the meet-and-greet and it really made me want a dog. Greyhounds take a while to get used to humans because they're trained to race (Greg said it took Fortess almost a year), but they do get super friendly after a while. Because they're short-distance racers, they are also pretty lazy in their downtime, which can be good if people can't commit to dogs that require a lot of exercise.

    They are also real big attention hogs and love to be petted.

    Sunday we went to Boozy Brunch at an Irish pub (Caesars are the best breakfast drink, yum yum) and then I drove home in the rain. I had a great weekend and hope to visit again. I really enjoyed Calgary and would love to explore the city some more sometime.

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      what a great way to spend a weekend! so glad to hear about SAGA

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